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The Challenge

Our community, they’re our true heroes:

Growing up in Kibera, we face countless obstacles that twist our reality, leading us to celebrate some wrong things.

We’re working with people who’ve hit rock bottom—engaged in stealing, homelessness, unemployment, and more —but they’ve managed to pull themselves up. Now they’re like role models for the youth in the same boat.

The Approach

We made a collective choice to join forces as partners and as a community, aiming to redefine how we celebrate and recognize our true heroes.

That’s where Kibera Fashion Week comes into play. Through the power of arts and creativity, we challenge the notion that only certain professions are worthy of applause. If being a messenger can be a legitimate daily job, then why not embrace artisanal work, or tailoring. These occupations provide sustainability, and by championing them, we ensure that the younger generation doesn’t grow up misguided.

The Impact

  • Unlocking knowledge-based opportunities through a peer-to-peer exchange program.
  • Fostering economic growth through empowerment and providing paid jobs and gigs.
  • Promoting social empowerment through interactions, CSR projects, and intercommunity events and workshops.


Boda Boda Rider

"I never thought fashion would create jobs for a Boda Boda rider, but when Kibera Fashion Week came, i gained clients and it also gave me another perspective of my work"

Real people with life-changing results

James Dundi

Contemporary Artist

"Kibera Fashion week created collaboration among artists in Kibera, and that is one of the things I needed as an artist, to work with other industry makers"