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Kibera Fashion Week is offering a platform for celebrating the diverse talent present in Nairobi’s vibrant fashion scene. This year, the highly anticipated model casting call drew over 70 aspiring models, including first-timers, who embarked on a transformative journey under the guidance of renowned model trainer Letoya Johnstone. This unique event is set to uncover raw talent and transform them into runway-ready stars, breaking barriers and redefining the fashion landscape.

An Influx of Aspiring Models:

The casting call exceeded all expectations with an impressive turnout and a striking diversity among the aspiring models. From all walks of life, these individuals brought their unique style, energy, and enthusiasm to the casting room. The inclusion of first-time models added an extra element of excitement and fresh perspectives, contributing to the overall transformative experience for everyone involved.

Embracing the Uncharted:

Kibera Fashion Week has a vision to provide a platform for undiscovered talent, to challenge the status quo, and to embrace the uncharted. The casting call was a testament to this vision, attracting individuals who possess untapped potential and a burning desire to make their mark in the fashion industry. With a commitment to inclusivity and breaking through conventional barriers, Kibera Fashion Week is leading the way in giving every aspiring model a chance to shine.

Letoya Johnstone: Guiding Raw Talent to Runway Readiness:

At the helm of this transformative journey is Letoya Johnstone, a renowned model trainer of Toy Toy Models, with a reputation for moulding raw talent into confident and captivating runway models. With years of experience and an eye for detail, Letoya is set to impart essential skills, industry knowledge, and confidence to each aspiring model. Her expertise will provide the foundation upon which these models will build their careers.

The transformative training process is not just about teaching models to walk the runway. It is a holistic journey of growth and self-discovery. Every aspiring model will receive personalized coaching, tailoring their training to their unique strengths and aspirations. Through this process, they will develop their individual style and expression, honing their skills and uncovering their true potential. The journey is not only about becoming runway-ready but also about empowering each model with the belief that they can achieve greatness in the fashion world.

Kibera Fashion Week

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