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In the heart of Kibera, a bustling community known for its creativity and resilience, something extraordinary was brewing. Three consecutive Saturdays in August became pivotal dates for the Kibera Fashion Week production team as they embarked on a transformative journey through a series of workshops. These workshops were designed to prepare the team for the grand fashion event on the horizon. 

Sustainable practices and Concepts to design (Workshop 1) with Avido Foundation 

The journey began on the 12th of August with an enlightening workshop led by Avido Foundation. It was a day filled with exploration, creativity, and insight. The team visited the very site where the fashion show would come to life. This on-site visit not only allowed them to familiarize themselves with the venue but also unveiled the vision for the runway. 

Discussions centered around the concept and layout of the runway, enabling everyone to visualize what the final presentation would look like. A trip to Opportunity Factory provided valuable lessons on how large production companies sustain themselves and the importance of sustainable production practices. Ann McReath of KikoRomeo added an exciting dimension to the day, sharing her expertise on the journey from fashion design concepts to finished goods. The session was not only informative but also incredibly enjoyable, setting a vibrant tone for the workshops to come. 

Designing Dreams (Workshop 2) with Nairobi Design Week  

The second workshop, held on the 19th of August in collaboration with Nairobi Design Week, brought the art of design and creativity to the forefront. The team delved into design prototyping and engaged in discussions led by renown designer; Lucy Rao of Realto LTD, focusing on creating cohesive designs and collections that would shine on the runway. 

But it wasn’t all business; there was plenty of fun too. Interactive activities allowed the team to explore designing the runway, managing backstage chaos, crafting Kibera Fashion Week posters, and experimenting with captivating collage designs. This dynamic workshop proved that creativity knows no bounds and can be both educational and entertaining. 

From History to Artistry (Workshop 3) with Goethe Institut (26th August) 

The final workshop, conducted on the 26th of August in collaboration with Goethe Institut, delved into the rich tapestry of fashion history and the essence of individualism and identity as creatives. The talented Sonny Dolat led insightful conversations that challenged conventional thinking and encouraged participants to embrace their unique artistic identities. 

A session with Fashion Photographer; Photoman, added a practical dimension, focusing on the art of visual storytelling. The team learned how to capture high-quality photos and videos, even with the resources at hand, ensuring that every moment of Kibera Fashion Week would be filmed with finesse. 

The Impact: 

These workshops were more than just gatherings of creative minds; they were transformative experiences. The production team emerged from each workshop with a deeper understanding of their roles, a heightened sense of creativity, and a renewed commitment to sustainable and inclusive fashion practices. 

As Kibera Fashion Week approaches, the impact of these workshops reverberates throughout the team. They are not just better prepared; they are inspired, empowered, and united in their mission to make this year’s event a resounding success. 

Stay tuned as Kibera Fashion Week takes center stage, celebrating culture, creativity, and community in the vibrant heart of Kibera on the 14th October 2023. The journey has been exhilarating, and the destination promises to be nothing short of extraordinary. 

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